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Cellphone ERGO F283 Shot Dual Sim Black

ERGO F283 Shot Dual Sim Black

  • Display: 2.8", 240 x 320, TFT
  • Mobile data: GPRS, Bluetooth
  • Dimensions: 131 x 56 x 13.5 mm


ERGO mobile phones - great gift for real connoisseurs of excellent technical parameters and exemplary reliability. Ergonomics of dimensions in integration with strong housing, large buttons, as well as a bright display for the most convenient visualization of content, turns using of mobile phone into real pleasure.

Cellphone for 2 SIM cards is an indispensable gadget for those who like to be in a news circle! Combination of universal GSM standard with 2G support allows you to communicate or have access to the necessary information anywhere in the world, and thanks to pre-installed FM radio you can listen to your favorite tracks and current news.

ERGO cellphones also play role of personal media center! Download pictures, videos, tracks or files to microSD-card using microUSB or Bluetooth, and play them when necessary.

Wide range of additional useful functions turns every ERGO cellphone into real friend and faithful companion:

• Settings menu is easy in navigation and intuitively understandable for each user;

• Housing of some models is equipped with certified protection against dust and moisture, that’s why ERGO push-button phones on 2 SIM cards are perfect for adventure lovers and real professionals;

• Flashlight helps to orient easily in low light conditions or in dark rooms;

• Model with SOS button takes care of everyone in case of emergency situation, because you can dial desired number with just one touch;

• Function of portable charger turns the gadget into real power bank and is able to recharge other appliances or devices of friends;

• Media player allows you to view photos, videos, as well as play tracks and audiobooks;

• Information can be stored directly on the monoblock, due to support of microSD cards with various memory capacity that is useful for entertainment, work or even study.