The humidifier HU 1860E maintains selected level of humidity in a room up to 25 square meters. User can change parameters thanks to multifunctional touch-sensitive display, as well as use remote control. Tank has a volume of 5.6 liters and provides long-term operation of the humidifier - up to 18 hours at maximum performance. Device is equipped with an electronic hygrometer and a thermometer, and allows you to monitor visually temperature and relative humidity in the room.


You can set relative humidity in the range from 45% to 80%. Device will maintain desired humidity in the room using built-in hygrostat: if desired (set) humidity is less than current one, humidifier turns on “sleep” mode, if set humidity is higher than current one, humidifier starts an operation till reaching the humidity level you set.


Each mode is responsible for a particular rate of steam supply, providing different intensity of air humidification in the room.


RUse aromatic oils for making light aroma in your room. You can find container for aroma oils in the housing of humidifier under the water tank.


For silent operation at night, you can activate “night mode of operation” and the “backlight” function, which allows using of the humidifier as a night light.


Model HU 1860E has a timer due to which user can program automatic shutdown of the humidifier after 8 hours. Device also deactivates independently in case of water absence in the tank.

Type Air humidifier
Vendor code HU 1860E
Model HU 1860E
Color White, black
Recommended area, m² 25
Arease of usage Home-office
Installation method Floor-standing/Table
Functions and modes
Air filtration No
Air humidification Ultrasonic
UV cleaning No
Deodorization No
Air aromatization Yes
Warm steam mode No
Sleep mode Yes
Automatic shutdown in case of water absence Yes
Design features
Control Electronic
Control via the Internet No
Display of operating modes Display
Electronic thermometer Yes
Electronic hygrometer Yes
Hygrostat Yes
Container for aroma oils Yes
Timer Yes
Timer, h 8
Remote control Yes
Upper water bay No
Hygrostat operation modes adjustable
Touch control panel Yes
Water tank volume, l 5,6
Water tank backlight Yes
Power cable length, m 1
Turning on indication Yes
Performance indication Yes
Indication of water lack in humidifier tank Yes
Indication of current relative air humidity Yes
Indication of established relative humidity Yes
Indoor temperature indication Yes
Sleep mode indication Yes
Operational parameters
Performance mode adjustment Max / mid / min
Maximum performance of humidifier, ml/h 300
Maximum operation time of humidifier without water refilling, h 18 (with maximum performance)
Maximum noise level, dB(A) 25
Maximum power consumption, W 25
Voltage, V/Hz 220 ~ 240 / 50
Rated current, A 0.1
Housing protection class IP21
Electrical protection class** II
Weight-dimensional parameters
Dimensions (W x D x H), mm 212 х 212 х 635
Package Dimensions (W x D x H), mm 205 х 205 х 675
Net weight, kg 1.68
Gross weight, kg 2.75
Производитель, гарантия, комплектация
Manufacturer country China
Barcode 6900064070442
2338571.pdf (17,29 мб) User manual ERGO HU 1860E