Refrigerator ERGO SBS-520 INE

  • Freezer setting: Side-by-Side
  • Dimensions: 91 x 177 x 65.5 cm
  • Color: beige


ERGO SBS 520 INB inverter refrigerator combines efficiency, style and quality. Due to the two-door design, the model has a roomy refrigerator chamber and a spacious freezer. The NO FROST automatic defrosting system of the refrigerator and freezer ensures forced air circulation and prevents the formation of ice, while the antibacterial protection of the internal surfaces of the refrigerator prevents the growth of harmful microorganisms. As a result, products are stored even longer.


The ERGO SBS 520 INB refrigerator is equipped with a liquid crystal display, which outputs all the necessary information about the model and makes it possible to control any functions. The body of the refrigerator has a black glossy scratch-resistant coating, the volume of the refrigerator chamber is 345 liters, the freezer - 172 liters. This provides more space for food storage. The design of the model allows to manage the inner space of the door shelves and shelves of the refrigerating chamber, independently managing the space in the most comfortable way.

Independent temperature control in the freezing and refrigerating chambers, as well as the zonal distribution with the optimization of the temperature of different zones, allows to create ideal conditions for storing any type of food. The food does not spoil, does not crust. A separate convenient box for vegetables, fruit and herbs, as well as closed areas for delicate products will help to preserve useful properties for much longer. Stylish and reliable equipment will last a long time and will become an indispensable assistant in any kitchen.


Notwithstanding its large size, the ERGO SBS 520 INB refrigerator is quite a cost efficient. Automatic LED backlight and A + energy class minimizes energy costs. ST climate class allows the refrigerating and freezing chambers to work effectively in the temperature range up to + 38 ° C, without wasting extra energy.


Products must be not only tasty, but useful as well. It is these qualities that provides the function of supercooling with the freezing capacity of 10 kg / day. Supercooling allows products to be cooled quickly and from all sides, maintaining the necessary humidity and temperature in the chamber, so the products will be as fresh as they are stored before being placed in the refrigerator. In case of an unexpected power outage, the products will remain fresh for 10 hours thanks to the autonomous cold storage.

Refrigerator type Side-by-side
Installation method Standing separately
Main characteristics
Freexing chamber location Side-by-Side
Number of doors 2
Control type Electronic
Energy efficiency class А++
Electricity consumption, kW*h/year 336
Freezing chamber class ****
Climatic class SN/N/ST/T
Number of compressors 1
Inverter compressor Yes
Autonomous cold storage, h 8
Noise level, dB 43
Refrigerant R600
Functions Fast freezing/Fast cooling/Eco mode/Door open signal
Total volume, l 517
Refrigerating chamber total volume, l 517
Refrigerating chamber usehul volume, l 345
Freezing chamber useful volume, l 172
Refrigeration unit
Cooling of refrigerating chamber No Frost
Defrosting type of refrigerating chamber Automatic
Number of shelves 5
Shelves material Shockproof (tempered) glass
Door shelves 4
Egg tray Yes
Door shelf for bottles Yes
Features Adjustable height of the door shelf/Adjustable glass shelves
Interior lighting LED
Freezing unit
Cooling of freezing chamber No Frost
Defrosting type of freezing chamber Automatic
Number of shelves 5
Retractable containers from transparent plastic Yes
Freezing capacity, kg/day 10
Physical characteristics
Size (W x H x D), cm 91 x 177 x 65.5
Package size (W x H x D), cm 97.2 x 186.2 x 77
Weight, kg 97
Weight in package, kg 107
Doors material Composite material
Color Beige
Equipment refrigerator, user manual, warranty card, two egg trays, ice tray.
Manufacturer country China
Warranty 30 months
2427478.pdf (3,68 мб) User manual ERGO SBS-520 INB/INE
2427479.pdf (3,69 мб) User manual ERGO SBS-520 INE