Induction Cooktop ERGO IHP-1701

  • Type: Induction
  • Power: 1800 W
  • Burners coating: 1
  • Сontrol, °С: 60 - 240


Ultra-slim, orange-colored body in combination with a glass-ceramic hob of optimal size makes the ERGO IHP-1701 induction cooker a right hand and an exquisite accessory for any kitchen. Due to its optimum size, the stove is perfect for home cooking, office or private home.


The model is equipped with a large digital display with a sensitive touch panel, which instantly responds to each touch and has a full range of all necessary functions.

One 1800 W hob eye is enough to create the most delicious culinary masterpieces, and the possibility of ultra-precise temperature control in the range of 60-240 degrees allows to cook even more various dishes.


The ERGO IHP-1701 model operating principal is based on induction heating. The surface around the cookware will always remain cold, and the glossy finish is easily cleaned of any stains instantly during cooking and after, as well.

ERGO IHP-1701 is absolutely safe. The stove is protected from overheating and turns off automatically when the dishes removed from the heating surface, and the tone timer will remind you that the dish is ready and it’s time to turn the stove off.

Type Induction
Display Yes
Control type Sensory
Power, W 1800
Burners number 1
Burners coating Glass-ceramics
Temperature control, °С 60 - 240
Timer up to 180 minutes
Physical parameters
Housing material Plastic
Dimensions, cm 29.5 x 36 x 4.2
Weight, kg 2
Color orange
Equipment Induction cooktop, user's manual, warranty card
2402078.pdf (4,45 мб) User manual ERGO IHP-1701