Air conditioner ERGO ACI 0918 CHW

  • Energy efficiency class (cold/heat): D/A
  • Productivity: 9000 BTU/h

Out of manufacturing


ERGO air conditioners of the SMART series are presented by 4 inverter models:

  • ERGO ACI 0918 CHW
  • ERGO ACI 1218 CHW
  • ERGO ACI 1818 CHW
  • ERGO ACI 2418 CHW

The outdoor unit operates in a wide temperature range: from 0 to + 53 ° C in cooling mode and from -15 to + 30 ° C in heating mode. Having set one of the modes - Comfortable Sleep or Auto, you can create the optimal balance of temperature and humidity in a room at any time of the day in the shortest possible time.

I FEEL function allows adjusting the temperature condition in the area where the remote control is located. Due to a special function, the tilt angle of air blade is memorized automatically. This eliminates the need to readjustment the device after each launch.


The 3 in 1 multifunctional filter system cleans, disinfects and vitaminizes air. The catechin filter eliminates up to 95% of bacteria, the anionic prevents the appearance of new ones, and the filter with vitamin C vitaminizes air and softens it.

The “cold plasma” filter, the SMART air conditioners are equipped with, eliminates the need for additional filtering and prevents the spread of dust, nicotine and pollen in the room.


SMART series air conditioners can be controlled from a smartphone with a help of a special mobile application. It allows to turn on and off the air conditioner, change modes of operation and temperature, as well as control switch on and off by day or week timer.

The application works in several modes:

  • “Local”: the smartphone and Wi-Fi module are in the same home network, and the air conditioner can be controlled via Wi-Fi without internet access.
  • “Remote”: smartphone and Wi-Fi module are on different networks, and the air conditioner can be controlled via the Internet via mobile network services or other means of communication.

For the connection with application on the internal unit of the air conditioner a Wi-Fi module should be installed. A Wi-Fi module is not included with the air conditioner, is supplied separately.


SMART series air conditioners are easy to install and maintain thanks to an improved design. They are fireproof, have a low noise level and therefore are ideal for both offices and residential premises.

Air conditioner type Split-system
Indoor units type Wall
Series Smart
Model ERGO ACI 0918 CHW
Vendor code ACI 0918 CHW
Productivity (cooling/heating), BTU/h 9000
Compressor control INVERTER
Recommended room area (for cooling mode) 20...25
Operational parameters
Cooling power, W 2640
Heater power, W 2780
Energy efficiency class (cooling) D
Energy efficiency class (heating) A
Cooling energy efficiency ratio SEER 4.6
Heating energy efficiency ratio S.C.O.P 3.9
Cooling energy efficiency ratio EER 3.22
Heating energy efficiency ratio COP 3.62
Annual energy consumption (cooling), kwh/year 381
Annual energy consumption (heating), kwh / year 1505
Indoor sound power (max / w / min / silent), dB(A) 42 / 40 / 38 / -
Indoor block noise level (max / w / min / silent), dB(A) 35 / 30 / 24
Sound pressure, outdoor unit, (max), dB(A) 50
Dehydration, l/h 1
Air flow, indoor unit (max / avg / min) 430
Indoor fan speed, cooling, rpm 1050 / 900 / 700
Indoor fan speed, heating, rpm 1100 / 980 / 850
Indoor fan speed, dehydration,rpm 700
Indoor fan speed, night mode, rpm 700
Air flow, indoor unit, (max), m³/h 430
Operating temperature range for indoor unit (cooling / heating), °C +17...+32 / 0...+30
Operating temperature range for outdoor unit (cooling / heating), °C +15...+53 / -15...+30
Voltage supply 170~265 / 50 / 1
Rated cooling capacity, W 820
Rated power consumption heating, W 770
Rated current cooling, A 3.8
Rated current heating, A 3.6
Maximum power consumption, W 1,350
Maximal current consumption, A 7.5
Degree of housing protection indoor unit IP10
Degree of housing protection outdoor unit IPХ4
Modes of operation, functions, technical features
Control via the Internet WIFI module (optional)
TURBO cooling / heating mode Yes
Ventilation Yes
Heating Yes
Air dryer Yes
Automatic mode Yes
Night mode Yes
Auto restart function Yes
Defrost system Yes
The function of memorizing the angle of inclination of the louver Yes
Self-diagnosis function Yes
The function of monitoring the set temperature using the temperature sensor in the remote control Yes
Anti-dust washable filter Yes
Hydrophilic coating of heat exchanger plates yes
On / Off timer 24 hours
Remote control IR remote with LCD
Control of the air supply direction (up / down) from the remote control
Control of the air supply direction (left / right) manual
Temperature range setting, °C 16 ... 30
Work at low external temperatures, °C to - 15
Display of operating modes hidden LED
Weight-dimensional parameters
Indoor block dimensions (H x W x D), mm 698 х 190 х 255
Indoor unit in packing (W x D x H), мм 762 х 269 х 323
External unit (W x D x H), mm 700 х 256 х 552
External unit in the package (W x D x H), mm 803 х 325 х 600
Weight of the indoor unit NETTO, kg 7.0
Weight of the indoor unit GROSS, kg 9.0
Weight of the external unit NETTO, kg 25.0
Weight of the external unit GROSS, kg 27.0
Equipment Remote control with stand and mount, remote control battery set, user manual, warranty card, drainage hose for indoor unit, mounting plate,drainage drain for outdoor unit, set of nuts for the trunk of indoor unit, a set of nuts for the line.
Manufacturer country China
Warranty 30 months
Characteristics for installers
TM of the compressor manufacturer RECHI
Type of refrigerant R410A
Refueling with refrigerant, g 520
Design pressure (inlet / outlet) 1.9 - 4.5
Gas pipe, mm (inch) 9.52 (3/8)
Liquid pipe, mm (inch) 6.35 (1/4)
Drainage Pipe, mm (inch) 16.0 (0.63)
Electrical interconnection, x mm sq 4×1.5
Maximum line length, m 20
Maximum line height difference, m 5
2379052.pdf (20,01 мб) User manual ERGO ACI 0918 CHW
2653890.pdf (2,81 мб) Інструкція споживача ERGO WIFI - AC
2863956.pdf (2,09 мб) Інструкція споживача ERGO WIFI - AC-2
2863957.pdf (5,39 мб) Інструкція по інсталяції ERGO WIFI - AC & WIFI - AC-2