Air conditioner ERGO ACI-1207CH

  • Type: split system
  • Thermal power: 3520 W
  • Heating Area: 35 m2


Inverter technology in home split systems ERGO INVERTER series provides flexible and accurate temperature maintenance, compared to air conditioners with a constant compressor speed (On-Off type). Air conditioners with this control type are economical, they operate in wider range of outdoor temperatures and are more reliable. Conditioners of this series have options:

  • "Cold Plasma" - the advanced technology of air purification from bacteria, dust viruses, pollen of plants and particles of tobacco smoke;
  • Photocatalytic filter - chemically neutralizes bacteria, formaldehyde, hydrogen sulfide, nicotine;
  • Hydrophilic coating of vapor plates - TITANGOLD technology improves heat exchange and provides rapid removal of condensate from the inner block - a conducive environment for the development of mold and bacteria, and titanium dioxide, which is a part of the coating, prevents the proliferation of pathogenic microorganisms;
  • A comfortable sleep mode for 8 hours;
  • Mode of decrease in humidity without lowering the temperature;
  • Delay in starting the fan to avoid blown by cold air in the "Heating" mode;
  • Automatic restart function with remembering settings;
  • The function of remembering the angle of the slope of the jalousie;
  • Automatic anti-icing system for an external block;
  • Self-diagnosis of air conditioner: in the event of an error, the air conditioner will automatically be switched off to prevent further damage, and the error code will appear on the display of the internal unit;
  • 24-hour timer for switching on and off;
  • "Turbo" mode allows you to reach the pre-set temperature for the shortest possible time;
  • Hidden LED display on the indoor unit panel;
  • Ozone-friendly freon R410A.
Air conditioner type Split-system
Indoor units type Wall
Model ACI-1207CH
Productivity (cooling/heating), BTU/h 12500/12500 BTU / h
Compressor control INVERTER
Operational parameters
Cooling power, W 3520 (1520 ~ 3950) W
Heater power, W 3660 (1520 ~ 4240) W
Cooling energy efficiency ratio EER 2.82
Heating energy efficiency ratio COP 2.85
Indoor block noise level (max / w / min / silent), dB(A) 40 / 38 / 36 dB (A)
Sound pressure, outdoor unit, (max), dB(A) 55 dB (A)
Dehydration, l/h 1.2 l / h
Air flow, indoor unit, (max), m³/h 550 m3 / h
Operating temperature range for outdoor unit (cooling / heating), °C -15…+43 / -15…+24 °C
Voltage supply 165 ~ 265 V / 50 Hz / 1 f
Rated cooling capacity, W 1250 (320 ~ 1550) / 1280 (320 ~ 1650) W
Rated current cooling, A 5.8 (1.8 ~ 8.0) / 5.9 (1.8 ~ 8.5) A
Maximum power consumption, W 1650
Maximal current consumption, A 8.5 А
Modes of operation, functions, technical features
TURBO cooling / heating mode Yes
Ventilation Yes
Heating Yes
Air dryer Yes
Automatic mode Yes
Night mode Yes
Auto restart function Yes
Defrost system Yes
The function of memorizing the angle of inclination of the louver Yes
Self-diagnosis function Yes
Anti-dust washable filter Yes
Temperature range setting, °C 16 ... 30 °C
Weight-dimensional parameters
Indoor block dimensions (H x W x D), mm 770 × 180 х 240
Indoor unit in packing (W x D x H), мм 855 × 305 × 255 mm
External unit (W x D x H), mm 700 × 256 × 552 mm
External unit in the package (W x D x H), mm 803 × 361 × 600 mm
Weight of the indoor unit NETTO, kg 7 / 10 kg
Weight of the external unit NETTO, kg 28 / 32 kg
Equipment Remote control, stand for remote control, set of batteries for remote control, mount for stand, user's manual, drain hose for indoor unit, outdoor unit for 4 pieces, mounting plate, insulation tape, drainage drain for outdoor unit
Manufacturer country China
Characteristics for installers
Compressor type Rotary
TM of the compressor manufacturer RECHI
Compressor model 39A23MYJ-FJKE
Type of refrigerant R410A
Refueling with refrigerant, g 650 g
Design pressure (inlet / outlet) 1.9 - 4.5 MPa
Drainage Pipe, mm (inch) 16.0 мм (0.63)
Electrical interconnection, x mm sq 4×1.5
2315477.pdf (16,05 мб) User Manual ERGO ACI-1207CH