Air conditioner ERGO ACM-1207CH

  • Thermal power: 2600 W
  • Heating Area: 35 m2

Out of manufacturing


Mobile air conditioners ERGO can be used in rooms where a split-system installation is impossible or you need to transport air conditioner from place to place. For its installation, no special tools and knowledge are required: for summer operation, it is sufficient to install a corrugated air duct to drain hot air, which is in the set of air conditioner. In winter, the air conditioner can be used for heating, in the heat pump mode. Mobile air conditioners ERGO are easy to operate. They are equipped with a remote control and have small dimensions due to the usage of automatic evaporation of condensate (only for summer operation).


Options for the series of mobile air conditioners ERGO:

  • Technology of condensate automatic evaporation: reducing humidity without lowering the temperature;
  • Intelligent control in the "Auto" mode - automatic change of operating modes depends on changes of the room temperature;
  • Comfort sleep mode for 8 hours;
  • 24-hour timer for switching on and off;
  • Function of automatic restart with the memorization of settings;
  • Function of memorizing the angle of inclination of the jalousie;
  • Delayed start-up of the fan in order to avoid cold air blowing in the "Heating" mode;
  • Electronic control with LED display;
  • Self-diagnosis of malfunctions of the air conditioner: in case of an error, the air conditioner automatically turns off to prevent further damage, and the display shows the error code;
  • Washable filter;
  • Ozone-safe freon R410A.
Air conditioner type Monoblock
Indoor units type Mobile
Model ACM-1207CH
Productivity (cooling/heating), BTU/h 12000/9000 BTU / h
Compressor control ON-OFF
Operational parameters
Cooling power, W 3500 W
Heater power, W 2600 W
Energy efficiency class (heating) A
Cooling energy efficiency ratio EER 2.72
Heating energy efficiency ratio COP 2.4
Indoor block noise level (max / w / min / silent), dB(A) 54/51/48 dB (A)
Dehydration, l/h 1.2 l / h
Air flow, outdoor unit, m³/h 350 (max) m3 / h
Operating temperature range for outdoor unit (cooling / heating), °C 17…+35 / 5…+30 °C
Voltage supply 220 - 240 V / 50 Hz / 1 f
Maximum power consumption, W 1170 W
Maximal current consumption, A 5.3 A
Modes of operation, functions, technical features
TURBO cooling / heating mode Yes
Ventilation Yes
Heating Yes
Air dryer Yes
Night mode Yes
Auto restart function Yes
The function of memorizing the angle of inclination of the louver Yes
Self-diagnosis function Yes
Anti-dust washable filter Yes
Temperature range setting, °C 18 ... 30 °C
Weight-dimensional parameters
Indoor block dimensions (H x W x D), mm 435 x 350 x 715
Indoor unit in packing (W x D x H), мм 482 x 390 x 865 mm
Weight of the indoor unit NETTO, kg 28 / 32 kg
Equipment Remote control, set of batteries for remote control, instruction manual, exhaust pipe 1.5 m, mounting plate for air ducting to the window, drain hose
Manufacturer country China
2315424.pdf (17,56 мб) User Manual ERGO ACM-1207CH