Electric convector ERGO HC 2015

  • Type: electric convector
  • Power: 1500 W
  • Heating area: 15 m2


ERGO convectors are designed for both main and additional domestic space heating. Using convectors as the main source of heating, the device is mounted permanently on the wall with a help of brackets. Using convectors for additional heating, the device can be mounted on wheeled platforms. Brackets and wheeled platforms are included in delivery. ERGO electric convectors stand out for high efficiency due to X-shaped aluminum heating element with a large heat transfer area and efficient design of the device, which allows air to flow effectively to the heating element.


They are equipped with a thermostat for setting and maintaining the desired room temperature, a two-level power regulator, an overheat protection. The model range of electric convectors includes devices with a power of 1000/1500/2000 W. The electric convector has a splash proof design (IP X4), which allows to use it in the bathrooms.

A choice of the nominal power of the electric convector when using it as the main heating source for domestic space is calculated on the basis of 100 W per 1 m2 of area (for winterized rooms with a ceiling height of no more than 2,5 m). A more accurate choice of the rated power of the device should be carried out taking into account the actual heat loss of each room.

Heater type Electrical convector
Vendor code HC 2015
Model ERGO HC 2015
Color white
Recommended space area* up to 15 sq.m.
Arease of usage Bathrooms/Home-office
Installation method Floor/Wall-mounted
Operational parameters
Maximum power consumption 1500
Modes of operation 750 / 1500
Voltage / frequency of the network, V / Hz 220-240 / 50
Rated current, A 6.5
Design features
Heating element X-shaped (cast)
Thermostat Mechanical
Display of operating modes Indicators
Power cable length, mm 1400
Housing material metal
Other features
Turning on indication Yes
Operating mode indication Yes
Degree of housing protection IPX4
Overheat protection Yes
Electrical protection class** I
Wheels / support Yes
Wall mount Yes
Set of fasteners Yes
Руководство по эксплуатации и гарантийный талон Yes
Weight-dimensional parameters
Dimensions (H x D x W), mm 425 х 615 х 90
Dimensions (on wheels / supports / floor stand / mount) (H x W x D) 500 х 615 х 250 (on wheels)
Package Dimensions (H х D х W), мм 505 х 620 х 120
Net weight, kg 3.5
Gross weight, kg 4.1
Manufacturer country China
Barcode 6900064703814
* Using the device as the main one for heating a room with standard insulation and with a ceiling height of 2.5 m
** ДСТУ IEC 61140: 2005 Protection against electric shock. General aspects of installations and equipment (IEC 61140: 2001, IDT)
2473273.pdf (3,29 мб) User manual ERGO HC 2015