Microwave oven ERGO EM-2375

  • Capacity: 23 litres
  • Power: 900 W
  • Control type: mechanical


The ERGO EM-2375 microwave oven is the key to the delicious food for a large family. The classic design, simple and easy mechanical control and a full range of all necessary modes make the ERGO EM-2375 an indispensable assistant to each housewife.


The interior volume of 23 liters with optimal dimensions, as well as a large swing table with a diameter of 27 cm, are perfect for warming up and cooking dishes in any size.


The qualitative and ecological enamel that covers the inner walls of the microwave oven provides not only easy and quick cleaning of food residues, but also excellent wear resistance.


The power of 900 W is enough for precise control of even heating and defrosting in 6 modes. Make the operating time of ERGO EM-2375 microwave oven convenient for you, using the timer function, and do what you want. The switch-off signal will inform you about the readiness of food.

Microwave type Conventional (solo)
Control type Mechanical
Internal volume,l 23
Microwave power, W 900
Turntable diameter, cm 27
Timer up to 30 minutes
Functions and programs Automatic defrosting
Internal coating Enamel
Door opening type Button
Physical parameters
Dimensions, cm 48.3 x 37.8 x 28.1
Weight, kg 13.6
Color White
Equipment Microwave oven Glass tray Plastic platform Instruction Warranty card
2315012.pdf (12,27 мб) User Manual ERGO EM-2375