Infrared heater ERGO HI 1620

  • Type: Infrared heater
  • Power: 2000W
  • Heating area: 20 m2


The instant heat transfer of the ERGO infrared heater makes it especially effective for local heating in large rooms and on open terraces, where heating with warm air is impossible or inefficient, and requires quick direct heating with infrared radiation.

ERGO infrared heaters can be used for:

  • Local and general heating of closed, half-open facilities;
  • Local and general heating of rooms with large heat losses, for example, often ventilated rooms;
  • Local and general heating of hangar rooms;
  • Local and general heating of premises for a short period of time, for example, cottages;
  • Local and general heating of transit rooms (with frequently opening doors);


The device is equipped with a thermostat, with which you can easily adjust the heating power depending on the heating zone. The set of infrared heaters ERGO includes a telescopic aluminum leg, adjustable in height up to 2 meters, and a wall mount, which makes this device universal. The 2-meter power cable of the device eliminates its switching through an extension cord, and the metal grill on the front of the heater protects against accidental contact with the llama. The heating element is a quartz lamp, which is designed to work for at least 4000 hours.

Heater type Infrared
Vendor code HI 1620
Model ERGO HI 1620
Color silver with black accents
Recommended space area* up to 20 sq.m.
Arease of usage Covered terraces/Garages/Home-office
Installation method Wall-mounted/На стойке
Operational parameters
Maximum power consumption 2000
Modes of operation 2000 W
Voltage / frequency of the network, V / Hz 220-240 / 50
Rated current, A 9.0
Design features
Heating element Quartz
Thermostat Mechanical
Number of lamps 1
Lamps resource 4000 h
Power cable length, mm 2000
Housing material metal
Degree of housing protection IP10
Overheat protection Yes
Electrical protection class** I
Floor stand Yes
Wall mount Yes
Set of fasteners Yes
Руководство по эксплуатации и гарантийный талон Yes
Weight-dimensional parameters
Dimensions (H x D x W), mm 190 х 850 х 95
Dimensions (on wheels / supports / floor stand / mount) (H x W x D) 1200-2100 х D850 (on the rack)
Package Dimensions (H х D х W), мм 235 х 915 х 145
Net weight, kg 5
Gross weight, kg 6.1
Barcode 6901708776546
* Using the device as the main one for heating a room with standard insulation and with a ceiling height of 2.5 m
** ДСТУ IEC 61140: 2005 Protection against electric shock. General aspects of installations and equipment (IEC 61140: 2001, IDT)
2315530.pdf (3,02 мб) User Manual ERGO HI-1620