Protective Glass ERGO Glass Screen (9H) B502 Basic

  • Coating: oleophobic nano
  • Glass bend: 2.5D
  • Stiffness: 9H


ERGO Glass Screen (9H) with a hardness level of 9H for ERGO B502 smartphone is an additional protection of smartphone display from falling to hard surfaces, hit or contact with various stuff in your pocket. 2.5D bend makes glass edge pleasant to the touch and comfortable in using. High-quality oleophobic layer simplifies an application and doesn’t leave bubbles, providing excellent fit to the screen.


ERGO Glass Screen (9H) is almost invisible on the display of your smartphone and is distinguished by excellent transparency, which allows you to maintain high resolution and brightness during looking through favorite content. ERGO Glass Screen (9H) protective glass doesn’t affect sensor sensitivity at all, providing first-class operation of the device. Oleophobic coating contributes to excellent tactile sensations and reduces the number of fingerprints on the screen during usage.

Series ERGO B502 Basic
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