Immerse yourself into the world of digital terrestrial television along with ERGO DVB-T2 1217!

Affordable and quality model of digital tuner ERGO DVB-T2 1217 is now available.


Besides the standard connector, HDMI tuner is equipped with additional one, which allows to transmit a signal of a high fidelity for best picture!

Use of Novatek78306 chipset and the presence of USB 2.0 extends the performance capabilities of the tuner and transforms it into a small media center that can play popular formats MKV, AVI, JPEG and MP3.

Also, there is support for electronic channels schedule EPG, PVR recording function and TimeShift deferred viewing mode. Immerse yourself in the world of terrestrial digital television with ERGO DVB-T2 1217!

More information here: TV-tuner ERGO DVB-T2 1217