TM ERGO continues to march onward and responding to the challenge of time changes the visual image of the brand.

TM ERGO rebranding - is not a whim but the realized need to be flexible to meet the market trends.

In order to understand the depth of necessary changes, ERGO experts along with A / R / M / I-Marketing conducted in September 2016 a comprehensive audit of the brand.

The investigation revealed a positive attitude, high level of customer loyalty to the brand, strengths and weaknesses, and competitive advantages.

The result of the in-depth study of the expectations of the target audience was to develop a positioning strategy and understanding of the need for TM rebranding.

Ekaterina Goncharova, head of marketing communications and analytics department of Investcom LLC, tells about the preparation for the rebranding of TM ERGO "Marketing department faced a difficult task to make the brand up-to-date and more interesting, to add fresh emotions and ideas to enhance its differentiation."

New visualization of the brand demonstrates its key advantages: producibility, versatility, activity, determination, ambition, desire for development.

The basis for updating the corporate identity was the concept of dynamics and energy, where complex shapes are made up of simple elements and this created the main character of the brand - the letter "E". Here, "E" - means «ENERGY», «ERGONOMICS», «ESTHETICS».

The overriding goal of a new image - to convey the spirit and nature of the brand. "Brand ERGO, like a living organism is flexible tool that adapts to the market, creating unique effective solutions" - noted Ekaterina Goncharova.

It should be realized that the rebranding - is not just a change of corporate identity and logo. It is important to keep those elements that the audience takes as strengths but not lose uniqueness. That is why the ERGO team awaits a difficult but at the same time very interesting year with an aim to save all the best of the ERGO and give it a new life.