ERGO brand has released a new series of LED-lamps

The range of ERGO TM LED lamps has been extended with a new series consisting of 14 items.

ERGO TM launches another new product of energy efficient light sources - BASIC saving series of LED-lamps, which differ from the STANDARD series in that they got more simple control device.

Simplified driver which works in a narrow voltage range (220-240V), makes this lamp a bargain even regardless the reduced maintenance period and warranty - 25 000 hours and 1 year respectively.

In all other respects, these are all the same high quality LED lamps from ERGO brand, reliable, bright and saving! BASIC series consists of 14 items, among which you can pick up from 6 to 12 watts and with a temperature from 3000K (warm white) up to 4100K (neutral white).