During 10 years ERGO TM is pleased consumers with high-quality electronics and household appliances, but is not going to stop there and continues to move forward. From now, with ERGO brand, you can purchase high-quality and modern refrigeration equipment, which is especially relevant and pleasant on the eve of the onset of the heat season.

The conclusion to the Ukrainian market of refrigerators and freezers ERGO was preceded by a thorough study of the needs of consumers, so range of products traditionally fully meets consumer requirements. As you know, modern consumers no longer aim to purchase household appliances with as many functions as possible. They prefer to pay money only for the functionality that they need personally. Only this approach that the ERGO trademark offers, equipping its refrigeration equipment with all truly useful functionality without marketing "baits".

All ERGO refrigerators and freezers are made according to modern ecological standards only from safe materials. In addition, the ERGO refrigeration equipment is made of lightweight and yet durable materials, has an excellent modern design, is energy efficient and works very quietly. The ERGO refrigeration equipment is manufactured at a well-known plant that produces products for the world's leading brands. All this together with the extensive service system gives the ERGO brand the opportunity to provide consumers with a two-year warranty, which is the best confirmation of the quality of the products.

Today, range of refrigerating equipment of ERGO TM is already enough wide. It has models of refrigerators of various sizes that will satisfy needs of any family. In addition, consumers can buy freezers and freezing chests of various sizes and capacities, which are especially suitable for the appearance in the spring-summer period of a large number of fresh fruits and vegetables. As you know, frozen fruits and vegetables almost do not lose their taste even with long-term storage in freezer, so buying a freezer from ERGO is an excellent investment in your health!

ERGO brand is just beginning to conquer the market of refrigeration equipment, therefore the range of equipment in this category will constantly expand, delighting consumers with its quality and reliability.