ERGO brand presents a lineup of gadgets traditionally called radio clocks, but in fact, they are rather multifunctional audio devices with many features. Apart from the actual clock functionality and the ability to wake you up at a certain time, all ERGO radio clocks can be used as a compact alternative to cumbersome home audio systems.

This device can be paired to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth allowing to play audio files or even talk on the phone due to using the built-in microphone.

ТМ ERGO offers four models of the new multimedia gadget: ERGO YH12, ERGO YH32, ERGO YH39 and ERGO YH07 in two color versions.

Each model is equipped with a card reader for micro SD memory cards and AUX-input for wired connection to audio source, most models also have USB input for playing audio directly from a flash drive.

Moreover, large capacity battery allows to use this gadget freely all around the apartment or provides hours of autonomous work when you travel. Most of the models can also be used as a power bank.

Broaden the horizons and enjoy life to the full with ERGO!