The wireless headphones ERGO BT-810 are already available, and now you can feel what real boundless music is!

Brand new audio product from ERGO has a stylish, innovative and ergonomic design and excellent sound quality. In-ear headphones with soft silicone ear pads are snug in the ears, dynamic drivers with 10 mm membrane make high frequencies sonorous, bass deep, and the whole sound vibrant and saturated.

Wireless connection with a smartphone or other sound source doesn’t hinder the active movement and imparts a feeling of complete freedom, this makes model ERGO BT-810 ideal for sports.

The built-in microphone has an optimal position and provides excellent sensitivity and voice recognition quality, so you can conveniently communicate anywhere and anytime, while having free hands.

The lightweight case of the device makes it possible to place inside a compact but maximally powerful battery that provides up to 500 hours of work in standby mode and up to 5 hours in the playback mode.