TM ERGO enters the market of in-car electronics with a line of modern multifunctional digital car stereo systems.

A genuine luxury of a car lies in car audio. ERGO digital car stereo systems helps to create comfort and individuality in your own car. Interesting sort of design solution of the case, the use of the latest technologies for decoding MP3-files and hardware processing of sound produces a high-quality and clear sound.

Key features of ERGO car audio systems are stylish LED-screens with white indication, support of USB-storage drivers, removable front panel, segment display and ease of installation due to ISO connectors. 

TM ERGO offers 3 models of car audio systems: ERGO AR-101W, ERGO AR-201R and flagship model ERGO AR-301RCW equipped with HD LED-display and remote control.

Car audio systems from ERGO TM allow you to fill a car journey with your favorite music from your own collection or FM radio stations