Brand ERGO presents a range of kids smart-watches with voice functions and built-in GPS-tracker.

ERGO brand used state-of-the-art technology to create a universal gadget that allows to keep in touch with children constantly. Keeping in step with the times, TM ERGO presents a range of bright kids gadgets that will help parents take care of the kids, and provide them an opportunity to feel themselves grown-up and serious.

ERGO kids smart-watches are equipped with built-in GPS-tracker allowing to know the whereabouts of the child at any time. An information is given in a simple way via a special program installed in the parent's smartphone or tablet. In addition to positioning on the map, all ERGO smart-watches are equipped with voice communication functions. This means that any time you can call on the watch like on a regular phone and talk to your child.

The hidden call feature will not only allow you to see where your child is, but also let you hear what it does. Also, a SOS button for emergency situation is provided in ERGO smart-watches, one press of which is enough to dial instantly a predetermined telephone number.

TM ERGO offers 3 models of new kids smart-watches:

ERGO GPS Tracker Junior Color J010
(blue and pink color)

All ERGO smart-watches models have a fully-featured watch functionality. They are reliably protected from dirt, dust and water splashes, has a built-in 400 mAh battery, powerful enough for such a device allowing a child to stay connected for a long time.


ERGO GPS Tracker A010

To start ERGO smart-watch work a regular micro SIM card should be installed. The SIM card is installed with a help of screwdriver and the screw-bolts included, so even a quick-witted child could not take it out on its own and break the connection with the parents. The quality and reliability of these ERGO kids gadgets is confirmed by a one-year warranty.

ERGO GPS Tracker Kid`s K010
(blue, pink and dark blue colors)

Lightweight, stylish, reliable and multifunctional, ERGO kids smartwatch is the novelty highly needed long awaited by thousands of caring parents.