TM ERGO has launched the production of modern high-tech electric cookers, which have a number of competitive advantages over traditional heating surfaces for kitchens.

All novelties from ERGO have an attractive and modern design that will perfectly fit into any interior. ERGO electric cookers are equipped with a single burner, housed in a lightweight and compact casing, so the cooker is ideal for use in smart apartments, summer cottages and in recreation camps, etc.

Modern technologies made it possible to make ERGO cookers energy efficient. Fast heating provides quick cooking immediately after ignition, which saves time and money. A wide range of temperature control allows cooking any food in a cookware of any size.

ERGO cookers are extremely easy to operate. Each cooker has a built-in digital display, which shows an important information about the work of the device. Automatic shutdown system and the overheating protection system ensure convenience and maximum safety in use. A timer of the shutdown system will signal when cooking is finished.

ERGO range of electric cookers includes three models:

ERGO HP-1509

ERGO HP-1509 with infrared heating element, ERGO IHP-1606 and ERGO IHP-1607 with induction heating system.

ERGO HP-1509 infrared electric cooker has a power of 1800 W and works in a temperature range of 60-240 ° C. This model is equipped with a touch control panel, a digital display and a light indication.

ERGO IHP-1606 induction cooker automatically detects the cookware placed on it and heats it instantly. When the cookware is removed, the surface of the cooker immediately cools down and is safe to touch. This model consumes 1800 watts and is simple to operate due to a digital display and a convenient temperature control wheel.

Stylish and compact, reliable and economical, the induction cooker with a maximum output of 2000 W instantly heats up and instantly cools down, which makes it especially good for use for families with small children. A convenient control system combines analog and digital control, as well as a simple and clear display system.

Any kind of cookware is suitable for use with ERGO modern induction electric cookers, including metal magnetized dishes and "classic" enamelled pans. The infrared cooker is not picky and allows to cook in absolutely any kind of cookware.