The line of modern LED-TVs from the brand ERGO was expanded by two models with 24-inch and 28-inch displays.   

Brand ERGO continues to expand the range of its television equipment. This time two entry-level models with 24-inch and 28-inch displays were joined to the ERGO TV family. A matrix based on ADSDS technology (Advanced Super Dimension Switch) is used for both TVs. This technology with the using of LED-backlighting, provides high matrix response speed, significant brightness and contrast, juicy colors, low power consumption, and also allows to built display into a slim housing.

LED TVs ERGO LE24CT4000AU and ERGO LE28CT4000AU have displays of 24 and 28 inches respectively. The resolution in both models is 1366x768 pixels, and the ultra-thin frame and matte screen cover for lack of highlights provide a comfortable watching of your favorite movies and TV shows.

Both models of LED-TVs ERGO are equipped with a full set of communication interfaces: VGA, HDMI, and component and composite inputs. Due to the presence of USB ports, users can view media files using the built-in media player.

LED-TVs ERGO can be installed on the stylish legs that come with the kit, and they also can be easily mounted to the wall with the help of bracket with the VESA 100x100 mm size. Various kinds of installation and attractive design are perfect for any modern interior solution. Thanks to the latest technologies in creating images, new models of LED TVs ERGO will give a lot of vivid emotions while watching your favorite videos.

Models ERGO LE24CT4000AU and ERGO LE28CT4000AU have a two-year warranty, that is an excellent testament to the high quality of the TV equipment of ERGO brand.