The brand ERGO presents a couple of bright and compact audio novelties that mate perfectly with any tablet or smartphone.

The new earbuds in the line of audio accessories from ERGO have a stylish, modern, ergonomic design and, with its compact size occupy a minimum of space, so they can always be taken anywhere. The speakers were developed with the latest technology, so even with a small size, the quality and loudness of the sound will satisfy the needs of the most demanding music lovers.
The ERGO BT-530 - a compact earbuds with built-in microphone and high quality speakers with a diameter of 14.2 mm. The attractive design of this headset is successfully combined with its ergonomics and excellent sound quality. Soft silicone embouchures comfortably place in the ears and create a closed acoustic picture that will not be spoiled by outward sounds.

The pure sound in the full frequency range of 18 Hz-20kHz gives a sense of live presence at a musical concert. Wireless Bluetooth connectivity provides reliable connection up to 10 meters and will not limit movements during any physical activity. Built-in microphone and volume controls turn the earbuds into a full-featured headset that simplifies calls without interrupting your favorite music tracks. The ERGO BT-530 is available in white and black colors.

The ERGO BT-801 headset is designed for using with portable electronics. With its built-in microphone and control buttons for music and calling, this model is fully versatile and is able to solve a wide range of tasks: to listen to music from a smartphone, tablet or laptop, and to provide reliable communication in all conditions of using. T

The Bluetooth 4.1 connection makes your hands free for telephone communication, and does not limit the movements while playing sports. High-quality speakers, the latest design of the embouchures and the ergonomics of housing guarantee a clean, rich and juicy sound of your favorite tracks and transform the earbuds ERGO BT-801 into an accessory that favorably emphasizes the style and individuality of its owner.