ERGO brand introduced compact and stylish wireless earbuds ERGO BT-850 Black, designed for sports and for using with mobile equipment.

The novelty has absorbed the best features of acoustic accessories from the brand ERGO: high quality sound, stylish and ergonomic design, compact size, reliability and long battery life.
Closed acoustic design allows you to cut off noise and enjoy music without interference. High-quality embouchures with a diameter of 10 mm provide full frequency range of 18 Hz - 20 kHz, guaranteeing a juicy sound with high frequencies and deep bass.

Earbuds have a lightweight plastic housing, soft silicone ear cushions and comfortable earhooks, which are suitably held on the head and take up little space when folded. A strong cable that connects these earbuds is flat, that’s why it does not twist.

Wireless interface of the ERGO BT-850 Black allows you to listen to any audio files without limitation of  active movements. That's why this type of earphones is really a good choice, for example, for those who can not live without music during sports exercises or creative activities.

The built-in microphone and convenient control buttons turn the earbuds ERGO BT-850 Black into a full-featured audio headset, which makes it possible to stay in touch in all circumstances. The built-in battery provides up to 200 hours of standby time, 6 hours of continuous music playback and maximum long-term autonomy.