ERGO brand continues to expand the list of its own kitchen appliances and presents a series of modern microwave ovens.

Microwave ovens remain an indispensable part of any modern kitchen. It allows them to warm up and defrost food quickly, comfortably and economically, without contaminating extra crockery and without using extra oil.

Today, the range of microwave oven ERGO consists of four models that will satisfy any tastes and needs of their owner. Each oven has a modern, attractive design, comfortable and intuitive control and optimal combination of size and power. The inner surface of any oven from the ERGO brand is made of high quality material, which is very comfortable and easy to clean even with water.

The ERGO microwave ovens work quietly and almost imperceptibly, so the user can learn about the end of the work thanks to a special signal. The built-in timer allows you to set the automatic shutdown for up to 30 minutes. The manufacturer furnished ERGO oven with the optimal number of functions without unnecessary options. This allows the consumer to offer not only an affordable price, but also simple intuitive control.

The ERGO EM-2075 has a power of 700 W and an internal volume of 20 liters, that allows you to warm up and defrost any food very quickly. Six levels of power control allow you to choose the mode according to type and amount of food. Simple and convenient mechanical control is carried out using two analog discs. This model is distinguished by an advanced design that includes a dark matt glass across the entire door surface, as well as a large convenient handle.

The ERGO EM-2085 microwave oven has a built-in grill, which gives the owner of this model the opportunity to enjoy baked meat or vegetables. The grill power is 900 Watts, and the heating is provided   with a power of 700 W with the possibility of 6-level adjustment. With mechanical disk control, you can easily set the mode of operation of the oven, adjust the power of warming up or defrosting, set the timer switch off, etc.

The ERGO EM-2375 has an expanded volume of 23 liters, making it an ideal choice for using in a large family or even in the office. Mechanical control of functions is simple, convenient and understandable and allows you to specify the necessary operating parameters, such as mode, power, timer, etc., with several motions. The oven has a sound signal that informs you about the end of the cooking.

The modern microwave oven ERGO EM-2095 is fully electronically controlled and has a digital display showing the stove's operating time, selected functions and other useful information. Among the features of this model are heating and defrosting food with a maximum power of 700 W for a useful volume of 20 liters, a timer for 30 minutes, 6 modes of power selection, a sound signal about the end of the work, etc. The convenient handle together with the reliable mechanism facilitates opening and closing of the doors of this model.

All ERGO microwave ovens have a two-year warranty, which is the best proof of the quality of this brand.