The brand ERGO continues to expand the range of its small household appliances. The newest products in this category have become modern irons from TM ERGO.

Iron is an indispensable device for maintaining a neat appearance, but also this type of home appliances often breaks down and needs to be replaced. However, reliability is one of the main advantages of each model in the range of irons, presented by the ERGO brand.
All three models of irons that are currently included in the range of TM ERGO, have modern and attractive design, they are easy in operation and made of reliable components: lightweight and durable plastic, stainless steel and non-stick materials. The soleplates of the irons are made of metal with a special non-stick coating, as in the model ERGO DES-2017, or from ceramics, as in the models ERGO DES-2018 and ERGO DES-2020.

In addition, the models of irons vary in volume, power (from 1600 W to 2200 W) and capacity of the water tank. For example, the model ERGO DES-2020 has a function "Drop-stop" and an auto-switch mechanism. Such standard functions as steam stroke, overheat protection and sprayer included in every iron from TM ERGO.