ERGO brand has expanded the range of its mobile gadgets, offering new products for fitness - a smartwatch and a fitness tracker.

Innovations from TM ERGO are designed to help people who lead an active life always be in top form, providing a lot of useful information about the health status and level of physical activity of the owner. All ERGO sports gadgets are made of the best materials and have a reliable design, protected from moisture and dust.

ERGO Sport GPS HR Watch S010 smartwatch possess an attractive modern design and conceal a high-tech stuffing inside the rugged case. Numerous sensors allow you to control a heart rate, monitor sleep, count the steps you have made and record your walking routes. The list of pre-installed sports programs includes cross-country running, walking, running in the gym, usual running, cycling, hiking and so on.
Ready training profiles allow you to focus not on the smartwatches settings but on sports activities only that makes using this gadget very easy. ERGO Sport GPS HR Watch S010 smartwatch perfectly coincides with smartphones powered by Android and IOS, allowing you to get a number of additional features on the big screen: make calls, receive messages from social networks and a calendar reminder, track geolocation on a large map and get your body status reports. In addition, an integration into the Strava cloud service allows to share your sports achievements with like-minded people from all over the world and change fitness device without data loss.

ERGO Fit Band HR BP F010 fitness tracker is both a stylish accessory and a useful assistant for anyone who leads an active lifestyle. This gadget counts the steps made for a certain period of time, follows sleep phases, controls heart rate, oxygenation, blood pressure and always keeps you informed about your health condition. ERGO Fit Band HR BP F010 model can be easily connected to a smartphone or tablet to display detailed information on a large screen.

Wireless connection with portable electronics allows to configure easily any functions in the tracker and store conveniently the readings in a special software that can be free downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. The case of ERGO Fit Band HR BP F010 fitness tracker is IP67 moisture and dust proof.