The ERGO brand has expanded the range of its digital TV tuners with three models with modern features that will help Ukrainians to experience all the benefits of digital television.

This year Ukraine will make a complete transition from analogue to digital television in general broadcasting networks, so everyone should prepare for disconnection the analogue signal beforehand. An excellent solution for this will be the purchase of one of the modern ERGO TV tuners.

The novelties are represented by models ERGO DVB-T2 1001, ERGO STB-1108 and ERGO STB-1638. All three models work in the modern standard DVB-T2, which is officially approved in Ukraine, and also support broadcasting in the frequency ranges of UHF and VHF with a resolution from SD to FullHD. Each digital tuner can also play video, photo and audio files of all modern formats from USB-media. In addition, new ERGO items can be used for recording any on-air TV programs on USB-flash drives or external disks thanks to PVR function.

New ERGO TV tuners have a full set of necessary interfaces, so they can be connected to modern TVs and to models, equipped with an electron-beam tube. TV tuners ERGO - a universal guide to the world of digital television, that will be appreciated by Ukrainian viewers.