ERGO brand introduced new compact cooktops with two induction surfaces.

Innovations from TM ERGO are oriented to a wide range of consumers, for which combination of excellent functionality and compact dimensions is especially important. Lightweight and small housing of ERGO IHP-2606 White and ERGO IHP-2607 Black models makes their usage in hotels, smart apartments, cottages, guest houses maximally convenient. Induction technology allows you to prepare food quickly, economically and safely, using a wide range of tableware. Convenience and simplicity of function control is provided by presence of digital displays and touch-sensitive control buttons.

New models of ERGO cooktops are equipped by modern electronics, that allows you to adjust the heating temperature with a maximum accuracy in the range from 60 to 240 C. Depending on the tableware size and food amount you need to prepare, use one of two different power burners (1300 W and 1800 watts) or both.
Models ERGO IHP-2606 White and ERGO IHP-2607 Black differ from each other mainly in design and color. Depending on location of the cooktop in your kitchen, give preference to ERGO IHP-2606 White with  horizontal burners location, or to ERGO IHP-2607 Black with vertically placed burners.