Range of modern ERGO TVs is expanded by the 5020 series, which includes three models with diagonals of 32, 39 and 40 inches.

All three new LED-TV models of 5020 series have a laconic, restrained design and a compact housing with a narrow display frame and modern technical features. Each model is also equipped with high-quality IPS matrix that creates bright image with deep and vivid colors.

Depending on the needs of consumers and on the TV location, ERGO 5020 series includes the most popular screen diagonals. In particular, ERGO LE32CT5020JP model has a diagonal size of 32 inches, which is optimal for usage in the role of main or additional TV, for example, in bedroom. ERGO LE39CT5020JP and ERGO LE40CT5020JP models with diagonals of 39 and 40 inches can be an excellent choice for living room, gathering nearby  many viewers and connoisseurs of qualitative content.

Wide range of multimedia capabilities of new ERGO 5020 series is provided by built-in TV tuner, which supports modern T2 standard of digital broadcasting. And built-in multimedia player allows your TV to play graphic, video and audio files of popular formats without additional equipment directly from the USB-drive .