ERGO Ukraine team provided home and climatic appliances for equipping second Family Room in Ukraine, which opened its doors in July in the Vinnytsia Regional Children's Clinical Hospital.

“Family Room” project is a first step on the way to family-oriented medicine in Ukraine.

This specially equipped comfortable room in the hospital was created for children, who need long lasting treatment, and for their parents. In different zones of this room  relatives and friends can relax, warm up food and have dinner, take a shower, play with children and recuperate for active participation in the treatment process.

Vinnytsia Regional Clinical Hospital  wasn’t chosen by chance. There are treated over 15 thousand children from the region. Now their families are feeling comfortable about stay in the hospital and have a place to relax.

We’ll mention that in 2017 ERGO Ukraine team had a positive experience in equipping first in Ukraine Family Room in Lviv Ohmatdyt. For less han a year after opening, Lviv's Room has already been visited by more than 5 thousand patients and their families.

This year, ERGO Ukraine is going to cooperate with the Ronald McDonald House Foundation and equip two more Family Rooms in Kyiv Ohmatdyt with all the necessary home appliances. Kyiv Rooms are ready to open their doors for visitors this fall.